The last few weeks

We have been pretty busy the last few weeks. We managed to make it out to a Nationals game...unfortunately, the Nats couldn't pull out a win for us. Phil however, decided to grow his goatee like Albert Pujols, which he thought was pretty cool.We also made it up to New York for Memorial Day weekend. Mainly, we went to be there for the blessing of our new niece Charlotte. Phil was such a great uncle, and pushed Charlotte around in her stroller all over NYC and Central Park.
I took my first visit to Serendipity (yes, where the movie came from) which had fabulous desserts. I quite enjoyed my frozen hot chocolate.


Chris said...

Sounds like you guys have been having fun. I wish you could come over and play scrabble again. We haven't played since we moved :(

Poland said...

wow, look at all your trips. you guys have been all over the place. if we get down to d.c., we'll definitely let you know. for right now, we're just enjoying relaxing in new york, except this humidity is killing me.:) hope to see you soon. we're going to go see leann sometime because she lives so close to us here in new york.

Poland said...

also, jennie, you look great! you have gained an ounce. i'm getting fat...i don't know why...i wish i could blame it on being pregnant, but i can't.:) have a great day!