Jefferson Memorial

Happy New Year. I hope everyone is still doing well on their New Year's Resolutions. Jen has been complaining about how Deloitte frequently takes me to nice restaurants and that because of that I never take her to nice restaurants. So last night we went out to a nice place in the district for 'restaurant week' here in DC. But before that we walked over to the Jefferson Memorial, which is over by the Reagan Airport. We didn't bring our cameras or anything, so the only thing we had to take a picture with was our cell phones, which end up being pretty poor quality. It was still a nice place, and in the summer, they have paddle boats you can go out onto the little lake and enjoy the scenery.
I've been reading a book on Napolean, in part because of the movie about the kid from Idaho, and in part because I wanted to brush up on a little bit of french history, as that is the category I am usually lacking in when I watch Jeopardy. It has been quite interesting so far. If Napolean had been born 3 months earlier, he would've been born an Italian. As it was, Pasquale Paoli sold the island of Corsica to France just before he was born. I'm not sure if he had been born 3 months earlier his future would've changed all that much, but you never can tell.


Thwarthwimple said...

the pic has nice qualities, poor resolution notwithstanding. It's kind of like an impressionist painting, 21st century style.

yoohoo said...

i believe that napolean followed what we all follow...our destiny. yeah that job I got is decent pay but probably a little subpar for a college grad but with those hours and all the time off its pretty nice. Ill have to come out there about may or so and we can go catch a game and catch on things. maybe i can drag ol' kenny p out too.