Almost Christmas

Ok, so I am finally posting my first blog. Hopefully I can figure it out in a timely manner. First is our picture from Thanksgiving that Phil never managed to post. It was quite the meal.

Currently, we are getting ready to go to Utah to spend the Christmas holiday there. We plan on going skiing on Christmas day which should be fun. We will be teaching our 4 year old nephew Ammon how to ski for the first time. Hopefully, it is not a painful experience. We'll see if Phil can still beat me racing down the slopes (my three times down to his one).

To help get us in the Christmas spirit this year, we took a trip up to our version of "temple square". It wasn't quite as impressive as the one in Salt Lake, but it was still neat. They had lots of lights lit outside, and lots of activities in the visitor center. We got to see a The Alexandria Singers put on a show, as well as a room full of nativities from all around the world. To top it off we saw the movie Nora's Christmas (we were hoping for Mr. Kreuger's Christmas, but that will have to be next year). We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Shannon said...

What a wonderful first Blog/post! You really should do it more often!

yoohoo said...

I'm loving it. Well done and very informative. In response to Phil's comments, I don't really know if Amazon sells wood bats or fox tails so I don't know about posting a link. I applied to ARUP and so essentially all my eggs are in one basket. If that doesnt happen I guess I'll just slit my wrists, lengthwise.

Thwarthwimple said...

so how did the ski races go, three to his one?