Sam is 5

Another year older!  We sure love our sweet Sam.  He is such a happy and loving little boy and we are so happy to watch him grow.  Since this little boy loves Thor, we had a little Avengers themed party.  

Everyone picked a team to be on.  And you know, sometimes Iron Man just has to pick his nose.IMG_0880_edited-1 
Their best superhero poses...IMG_0884_edited-1 
Some took their job more seriously than others.IMG_0899_edited-1 IMG_0950_edited-1 IMG_0920_edited-1 
We played Avengers games...IMG_0907_edited-1 
but the favorite was capturing the villain and tying him up (thanks for being such a good sport Grandpa!)IMG_0962_edited-1 
And of course we had Thor cupcakes.IMG_0873_edited-1
Thanks for turning 5 Sam and letting us celebrate you!

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Mom Karen said...

Such a fun party! Cute decorations, cute games, and a cute, sweet 5 year-old boy!