planting a seed

Tonight we planted our little garden with our boys.  It took quite a bit of work to get it all weeded after we gave up on it last year.  But the boys were thrilled and said it was such a great night.  (Although I'm sure they would have had even more fun if I had just given them shovels and let them have at the dirt). Hopefully we will see some of the fruit of our labor before we leave Texas in a few months.  IMG_0163_edited-1 IMG_0161_edited-1 IMG_0157_edited-1 IMG_0156_edited-1 IMG_0158_edited-1


Annlbtx said...

Your boys are so cute! Each of them has their own unique look! Love them ALL!!

Mom Karen said...

Such darling little guys! I still can't get over how much Luke reminds me of Katie...which is great since I think Katie is darling. Love to you all. Enjoy the Spring weather while you can. You'll have to post pictures of the garden growth!