My baby is in first grade.  This year was so much easier than last.  Neither of us were nervous.  Wade was so excited because he already knows his way around the school and he's one of the big kids now.  He's excited to have a new teacher and to make new friends.  He's excited to be back on the bus again.  And I am excited for him.  He came home and told me that his days was just awesome...even more awesome than kindergarten.  We think it will be a great year.   
Some other noteworthy things about this child...he loves his United States geography.  He can knows the name and location of every state, and even some cities.  (Seriously, he's better than both his Dad and myself).  He also loves the weather.  If he realized that being a weather man was a career, he would probably have picked that.  The boy asks to check the weather on my phone every day and gets so frustrated when it doesn't rain when it is supposed to.  

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