It has been a rough few months here.  I have been in a slump.  But Spring is here and we have made some changes around our home.  Things are looking up.  

Over Spring Break, I set a goal with Wade to teach him how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Wade is my child who is not athletically inclined.  He gets frustrated when things don't come easy to him.  We started by taking the training wheels and pedals off his bike to let him get used to balancing.  He can only barely touch the ground on his bike and it made him nervous.  He tried.  But it was hard.  And more often than not, he asked to quit.  He was frustrated, we were frustrated.  We all tried to give up at some point.  But between Wade, Phil and myself, we kept each other going.  And then yesterday, it clicked.

It made my mama heart so happy to see him accomplish something that was so hard.  We couldn't get him off.  He just wanted to keep going and going.  Hopefully, he'll be able to look back to this someday when things are hard, and remember that he can do hard things.  


CBroadbent and Annlbtx said...

I remember it was a great moment when Phil learned to ride, and even better when he learned to steer away from poles. Riding a bicycle is something he'll never forget, and will provide a lot of enjoyment. Who knows, maybe he'll ride a bicycle as a missionary, like his Dad!

Mom Karen said...

SO proud of Wade for learning how to ride a bike...Sam for finding a VERY RIPE STRAWBERRY to share with Little Mouse, and Luke for learning to walk! It has been a BUSY time for the Broadbents. We send our love, hugs and kisses!