the real deal

We really needed to get out of the house last night, so we decided to take Wade "real golfing" (as opposed to what he normally does on the wii). We were a little nervous he would be crazy and just want to run around, but he surprised us. He really got in to taking lessons from his daddy. We may have a future pro in the family.
He was so happy to get the ball in the hole all by himself.
And this little guy was a good sport and watched from the stroller. Which was great, since he's been such a crabby pants lately. Good news is he finally broke his first tooth, so hopefully he'll get back to his happy self.
Oh, and the game was pretty close. Phil ended up beating me by one point...I choked on the last hole.


Shannon said...

love that first photo--so cute!

Nicole said...

Cute! We took Paxton to do mini golf a few months ago, but he wasn't so much hitting the ball into the hole as he was pushing the ball with the club into the hole. : ) Maybe Wade can show Paxton how it's really done.