7 months

DSC02926 copy

My little baby is finally getting some rolls on him and I must admit, I love them. Is it just me, or does this little guy suddenly look so much like his daddy (and just like his brother)?

Sam is now sitting up by himself and rolling like a pro. No crawling yet, but I'm not complaining. And this kid LOVES to eat! Any time we sit down to eat he whines if he is not included, even if I just fed him. He'll tolerate baby food, but much prefers whatever we are eating. He generally looks just like he does in this picture, so happy to be a part of things.


Shannon said...

Call me crazy, but I think he looks a lot like his mommy!

emily said...

Can I keep him?

Mom Karen said...

Shannon, you are NOT crazy...I'm Jennie's mom and although he is looking more NOW like a Broadbent than he did at birth...I think he looks (and acts) A LOT like his mom did at this same age! :)