4 months

I know, I can't believe it either. He's growing up too fast.DSC02803 copy
So this last week I have tried to wean Sam off of his nighttime feedings. He did great for the first 3 days. But now he wakes up screaming for his binkie, 2-3 times a night. We've tried to let him cry it out, but with Wade sleeping in the same room....well none of us are getting a good night's sleep. Anyone have any miracle suggestions to get a baby to sleep all night?


Nicole said...

Maybe put them in separate rooms for a little while??? I don't know. I can't give any real advice not having a second child yet, and it sounds like you've already tried what worked with our boy. Good luck, and I hope you all get some good sleep soon. Good thing they're cute and fun! : )

candice said...

I'm the wrong person to ask, my kids still sleep with me at night :)

I didn't ever try to force the nighttime feeding issue, Tommy just naturally starting sleeping more and more through the night, until he wasn't feeding anymore, just wanting his binkie. I lean more on the "when kids are ready, it will happen" philosophy.

Emily said...


You know I jest.

It will work itself out.

Love your pictures lately.

Steve said...

Only 2-3 times a night he is waking up? That seems pretty good. Clark loves to wake up screaming at least 5 times per night, and by 5 am there is no cure other than food.