We spent the day outside today and it was glorious! After yesterday's crazy snow storm, I was so excited to walk outside and see that my crocuses are in bloom. I also cleaned out all of my gardens to get them ready for planting, while Phil fertilized the lawn and washed the cars. Wade just ran and ran, so happy to be outside for a change. We are looking forward to the many more beautiful days to come this season.


Courtney and Tyson Page said...

I love it! I was just thinking this has been the first time Easton has been able to run on actual grass without snow! It's so nice!

Emily said...

Yeah for flowers!!

candice said...

he just gets cuter and cuter.

i'm super excited for spring too. i love virginia in bloom.

Lacee Herbert said...

Come on down and soak up the sun. I just got back from Utah and it makes me appreciate the weather here so much more. We would love some company to enjoy our sun rays with us! :)