Very First Birthday

Happy Birthday Wade!

Wade was super excited about his first birthday party, so we had his nearby cousins come over to celebrate with him.
As is somewhat traditional in Jen's family, he got to eat an entire cake all by himself. (Obviously he didn't devour the whole thing himself, and in fact, he preferred to pick the sprinkles off the top so as to keep his hands clean until his Mom forced him to take a handful out of the cake)
He asked me to thank everyone for his presents. He really loves them!
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E Harestad said...

OK - love the picture with the chocolate goo all over his face. Thanks for letting us share this PARTAY with you Wade!

Shawna Moake said...

Oh I can't believe he is one now :) He is so cute and you look great Jen!!

Jodie said...

That kid is so cute. :) I love his chocolatey face. Happy Birthday, Wade.