Summer is Here

To celebrate the beginning of summer we decided to go to a Bees baseball game for family night. It was a perfect night for a ball game, and we were surprised at how much more exciting the game was than the DC Nationals...although, is that really surprising? We will always love the Nationals, but let's face it, they are terrible.

Wade had his first taste of Cotton Candy, which he loved much to his dad's chagrin.

We went camping up Cottonwood Canyon with Mark and Amy. Phil and Mark spent a good portion of the night being pyromaniacs.

Wade slept better than everyone else, and was a great little heater for his mom!

And who doesn't love homemade strawberry jam made from freshly picked strawberries?

This has definitely been a great start to summer!


Lindsey said...

Way to go!! That sounds like such a fun summer! Love ya

Matt and Lisa said...

I just love you. Those strawberries look so good and I'm so impressed that you made jam out of it. Hope you're doing well.

Emily said...

Thanks again for teaching me all about the jam. It is super duper delicious.

Shawna Moake said...

Fun fun except for the camping part!! ha ha. I LOVE Bees Games they are a blast!!