Last Week I got to hang out with my cousin, and one of my best friends, Alyson and her little girl, Emma. We spent the morning at the zoo with our kids and catching up...good times. A very happy birthday to Emma who turned one last week!

Wade ate his first lollipop all by himself. Life will never be the same!

Phil and I spent the weekend doing some yard work.
We built a box and planted our boysenberries, and next to that a peach tree.
Phil also picked out a tulip tree to plant for some shade in the back yard. It may not look like much work, but the soil in Woods Cross is ALL clay, nasty to dig up. Here is the massive hole we dug for the tulip tree.
And the finished product.

I can't wait to see how these trees and plants grow. It is so much fun having our own home!


Pete said...

Amen - planting trees is super hard work, I don't care where you are. After my first (and only) experience digging a hole for a tree, I decided to hire some manual labor when I bought three more to replace the big bohemoth in our front yard that came down. That worked out a lot better and wasn't all that expensive.

Emily said...

The trees look great - I was really impressed. I am glad you got to hang out with Aly - I wish I had a better working schedule with the kiddos. Oh well!

Lindsey said...

Your backyard looks awesome!! Your trip to the zoo with Aly sounds fun. Both your kiddos look so cute. Hope you're doing well Jen. I miss ya!!

Leah and Mike said...

How fun that you got to hang out with Al! I bet your kids are best buds. It was fun talking with you the other weekend. And your backyard is looking great :)

JoEllen said...

Hi there- you guys are sure great at the home improvement stuff. Too bad it's not enough to motivate me to do more around here.

I have a friend who's moving to VA and is 7 months pregnant w/ baby #4- so she needs to find an OB right away. She's planning to deliver in the Laudin County hospital. Do you happen to know any good drs in that area that would deliver there?

Kent said...

That soil looks nasty. Some parts of our yard are like that, and it takes hours to dig down 18 inches, and some parts are nice and soft, and it only takes a few minutes to go down 2 feet.

Also, solid job on the flower garden border, Phil. It's harder than it looks to keep everything even.