Man Shed

When we bought our house:

it looked like the previous owner had used the shed:

for little other than an extra storage room.  So, we have a few projects on our list to be finished in the shed.  Last weekend, we finished up the first shed improvement project.  Jen's dad and brother in law came over to help me wire the place for electricity.  (A keen observer will notice the trail of dirt leading up to the shed.  That was a trench that we had to dig to bury the electricity line.)  Notice that there is a light on.

Other projects I'm looking forward to:
  • Finishing the siding in the shed
  • Landscaping both the front and back yard
  • Installing a new kitchen faucet (our current faucet doesn't have a sprayer, how does one live without a sprayer?)
  • Building a secret passageway from the house to the shed, in case of an intruder


Pete said...

Nice job. What kind of projects do you envision for your shed? I see the light does illuminate your golf clubs.

Ruthie said...

a passageway? nice. Ooh, and then you could have a zipline from the top floor too. just in case. It's a nice house btw. You should post some pictures of the inside too. :)

Mom Karen said...

Congrats on a job well done thus far, Phil. You will learn to really appreciate your "Man Shed" once all of the projects there are completed. Dad Ric said that he is really proud of you!

Lorana said...

That looks like a nice-sized yard you have. Congrats on the new house.