One Month Old

As kind of a one month-birthday present, I let Wade sleep in my spot, and I took the crib.

Wade has really enjoyed having his Grandma out to visit him for the past week. He has been a great little boy.

To avoid being bullied or intimidated, he put on his bear suit.

He's had a great time with his Grandma this last week, so watch out for pictures with her once we upload them from the camera.

He was born January 9, so he's a little more than a month old. He can be reached at I got my first email address when I was in middle school (I can't remember the address, but I still remember the password); I didn't want Wade to have to wait that long to enjoy the ease and convenience that most of us are used to.


Adam W. said...

"To avoid being bullied or intimidated, he put on his bear suit." - classic.

Mom said...

Thanks for posting new pictures. I've been watching for them!

Shannon said...

when did he get his email account? His first day on earth?

Thwarthwimple said...

a bearsuit?! Brilliant! Somebody smart must have thought of that one...

(and handsome, charming, etc., too...)