Weekend Shopping

This weekend we took advantage of all the Labor Day sales. We bought our first major baby item, a new dresser/changing table, which Phil did a great job of assembling. We also bought a new TV, something Phil has been waiting a very long time for. We found a really great deal at Circuit City on a Sharp 42" HD LCD. As I type, Phil is in the process of assembling it. I think this will keep him happy for a very long time.


Mom said...

What a great dressing table! Good call on the red! It works well with a "baseball" theme...and somehow...I think baseball will be very important to this little one.

Pete said...

Nice TV. I bet Phil has been waiting a long time for a changing table too.

Nicole said...

That's the same TV we're getting! Except I think we're getting the Samsung, but they're all the same to me, but he's definitely excited too. I wish you were closer (or I was closer) so I could buy little boy Phil a gift because I love buying baby stuff (especially with a theme)! I saw the cutest baseball crib set at BabiesRUs. But maybe you already saw that too. I just thought of you because I remembered you saying that you would probably do a baseball theme.