Jen and I had a halloween party the other night as a murder mystery dinner. It was quite the event. I was the prince of Dimness (the Prince of Darkness's little brother) and Jen was the wicked witch of the land of depressed. I think she had the best costume. We also carved some pumpkins for the occasion.

Work has been a lot better lately, I've been working more normal hours. It's been quite nice to take the metro in to work every day and not have to worry about traffic or getting stuck behind an accident or what not. I also download the news onto my Ipod and watch that every morning.


Anonymous said...

Jen's costume was pretty much all-out, but Aaron's could compete.

Thwarthwimple said...

Balihi thought the little fuzzies at the base of your devil horns were hilarious. Kind of like Devil-lite. Just right for THe Big Cahoona's Little Bro.